Pest News   |   July 7, 2020

OneGuard Your Go-To Solution for Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

OneGuard has been the to go-to solution for mosquito, flea and tick control by pest management professionals for the last few years. With it’s new label that now includes ants, carpenter bees, cockroaches, flies, scorpions, spiders, wasps and more, it’s an even better choice for general pest control and quarterly or bi-monthly services.

Boasting knockdown, long-lasting residual, an insect growth regulator, a synergist and multiple modes of action in one container, OneGuard delivers an all-in-one solution that is dependable and highly effective.

1.Prallethrin. This free-floating pyrethroid is known for its knockdown power. This is the ingredient that will have customers happy with results before the service vehicle ever leaves the street. The knock down action of prallethrin is readily available in the OneGuard solution to take care of any listed pests that may be present at the time of application.

2.Lambda-cyhalothrin. This microencapsulated pyrethroid is designed for the long haul. Picture the MGK microencapsulation process like a sponge, slowly releasing lambda-cyhalothrin over time. The slow release of lambda-cyhalothrin allows for long-lasting residual control between applications.

3.Pyriproxyfen. This insect growth regulator is known for its long residual and photostability. Pyriproxyfen is a juvenile hormone mimic that will kill insects in the pupal stage. Additionally, peer-reviewed research has shown that applications of pyriproxyfen to breeding sites can autodisseminate (transfer) on the bodies of adult insects, delivering an IGR to both exposed and hidden habitats of immature insects. Essentially, the insects are doing the work for you!

4.Piperonyl butoxide. Fight insecticide resistance with PBO. This active ingredient increases insect susceptibility to insecticides and improves efficacy by inhibiting the insect’s detoxification process. With PBO in your solution, the insecticide is better able to do its job.

In addition to more target pests, OneGuard continues to deliver the same unique benefits as before: easier inventory management, simplified training, saved time in the field and minimized waste. As a pest control professional, you have enough to worry about; don’t let your insecticide choice be one of them. Click here to read more about OneGuard and take a look at the new expanded label.