Product Spotlight - Cross Fire Bed Bug

June 2019 Product Spotlight - CrossFire® Bed Bug Concentrate and Aerosol

CrossFire® Bed Bug Concentrate and Aerosol

CrossFire kills pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains at all life stages, including eggs. Available as both a concentrate and an aerosol, the patented formula contains multimode action and control and is accepted for direct application on mattresses. CrossFire started a revolution in bed bug control. Now leading PMPs rely on it to save them time and money. Use CrossFire to put an end to your bed bug problems and bring you customers quick and long-lasting relief.

130 ounce concentrate – Target SKU#: 105225/Residex SKU#: AA1851

13 ounce concentrate – Target SKU#: 105226/Residex SKU#: AA1852

17 ounce aerosol – Target SKU#: 105227/Residex SKU#: AA1877

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CrossFire® Bed Bug Concentrate

CrossFire® Aerosol

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