Product Spotlight - JT Eaton

September 2018 Product Spotlight - JT Eaton's #928GR-PAV

• The Discreet Bait Station That Really Performs!

• Dual Entry Allows Rats and Mice to Feed from Either Side

• Press and Release Lock System Provides Added Security

• Use with All JT EATON™ Rodenticides

• Includes Bait Tray, Bait Holder Rods, Keys, Service Logs and Locator Signs

• A Variety of Other Use Options Molded into Insert Tray: Helland™ Liquid Bait Station, JAWZ™ Snap Trap STICK-EM@ Mouse Glue Trap, TOP GUN™, BAIT BLOCK®, NECTUS™ SOFT BAIT

Product Type: Professional

Controlled Pest: rats, mice, other rodents.

Use on: outdoor areas around building structures, exterior landscape areas.

Packed 4 per Case