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Pest Control Programs for Maximizing Profits

As you look to maximize your profitability this year, consider how new service offerings might add an additional revenue source for your business. With input from our technical team, field and sales specialists we compiled the following guides that summarize everything you need to consider before adding each new service offering. From where to find opportunities to how to price and the products needed to get started in the new vertical, we did the work for you. We hope you will reach out to your Target Representative for assistance with calculations, product choices and more. Our team is always empowering you to grow your business.


MAXIMIZING PROFITS: Offering Dehumidification Services

Solving your customer’s moisture and humidity problems can be a profitable, beneficial service offering and Integrated Pest Management at its best. Learn how offering a dehumidification service increases profitability.

MAXIMIZING PROFITS: Monitoring for Money

Don’t miss out on profitable termite monitoring services -be proactive! Adding a termite monitoring service to existing services for residential customers allows for bundling packages and increases revenue.

MAXIMIZING PROFITS: Adding Mosquito & Tick Control

There are many reasons for pest professionals to consider adding Mosquito & Tick Control to their service offerings. For starters, due to COVID-19, there is significantly more time being spent in and around the home causing homeowners to be more discerning than ever about keeping a pest-free home. At the same time, controlling these public health pests is a priority for homeowners, as mosquitoes are responsible for common vector-borne diseases in the U.S.

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