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Service with a smile at our Blackwood, NJ office

Service with a smile is an old adage that reigns true in our Blackwood, NJ office. This team delivered, literally, after hours and on a Friday night to get a customer the right product, in time for an important job. Way to go Blackood!

"Gentlemen, I have felt it necessary to email you with an experience that I had last Friday. I had placed an order to be delivered on Friday, earlier in the week. It was a small order, for a specialty job we need to do or a school district that had ticks at various playgrounds. Treatment had to be done that Sunday. Well, the order did come, but the wrong Nature-Cide was shipped. I didn't get back to the office until after 5:00pm & noticed the error and proceeded to leave a fairly vocal message on the voicemail. Paul Buzby promptly called me back and drove a good 30 miles to my home, on a Friday, to get me the material I needed for Sunday. I felt this was above and beyond the call of duty and I felt you needed to know what great people you have at Target Blackwood. Paul, Peter & Bill always taking care of my small business needs. Great job guys."


Mike Goetz, Pest Technologies

Target Specialty Products, California Structural Pest Sales Representatives

Every June the Pest Control Operators of California Association hosts an annual Expo and Silent Auction. Target Specialty Products has always co-hosted the Silent Auction to raise money for deserving organizations in the inudstry. This year the chosen orgranzations were the UC Riverside Urban Entomology Endowed Research Chair and the West Cost Rodent Academy. The silent auction depends solely on donations of money to purchase gifts to be auctioned off or a straight donation of a gift. This yera with the tireless efforts of Bobby Maston, Candy Dolan, Sylvia Kenmuir, Carolyn Sagara, Angie Romero, Gregg Gransie, Erik Smith, Natalee King and Brian MacQueen, the action raised $17,330 to be donated!

The auction is always a fun filled evening of customers mingling with their local sales and manufacturer representatives. It can get competitive bidding on auction items that can range from an iWatch, Amazon echo, Bluetooth speakers, handbags, jewelry and kids toys but the emcee keeps the evening light and fun. 

It is a group effort to keep the auction a success every year. A lot of time and organization has to be dedicated. We are proud of our team who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the PCOC Silent Auction.

A Special Shout Out to Kurt Smith Who Received This WOW Recognition

"I have to share this story with you. Last night I was out late making sure I was taking care of a customer's need when Kurt called me, roughtly 6:30pm. He had noticed my previous email in the day stating that I was going to a local vendor to pick up product for a client. When Kurt called, he said, hey let me help you. He then proceeded to tell me that he would have someone pick up the product today and that he would drive anywhere I wanted him to and he would have the product with him. Are you kidding me... it has been forever and a day since I have worked with someone who was willing to help me, serve a client. At the moment I was shocked, however it just shows that actions are even more powerful than words. It was that moment that I fully realized the team you work with, and that customer satisfaction is a priority for all." 

Pest Rangers

When Jeff King quit his job to take his business full-time in April 2015 he turned to Jim Hearity and the Residex team for direction on how to grow his business. Hearity immediately talked to him about mosquito control as an add-on business. And he didn’t stop there, he helped him sell his first account, a golf course and went along with him for the first treatment.

“From selecting the right equipment for my business to guiding me to the most effective products, Jim was with me to ensure my success,” said King of his relationship with Residex and Jim Hearity. 

King suggests looking for the mosquito services upsell on every account. If he sees an outdoor kitchen or well-used backyard he sees the need for mosquito control. He also suggests that companies look for commercial opportunities. A tire manufacturer in Pest Rangers area was the perfect target for mosquito control. Keep in mind that drainage swells and retention ponds around businesses are being tested in some states. They will dip to test the water for mosquito control and fine the business if it is not being done.