Pest News   |   June 17, 2016

The Latest On Zika

Mosquitoes are certainly the most talked about Pest in the News this summer of 2016. With Zika on the minds of expecting mothers and families across the country, there is an increase in demand for mosquito control program from pest control companies. Recently, the continental U.S. has seen its first death from the Zika virus and at the time of this writing, 320 pregnant women are affected by the virus in the U.S.

How should pest professionals approach mosquito control: 

  • Take an IPM approach to mosquito control. Spend time with the client educating them on the correlation between standing water on the property and mosquito populations.
  • Concentrate on mosquito reduction, never promise mosquito elimination. No company or protocol can completely eliminate mosquitoes from an outdoor space.
  • Don’t over-advertise. Touting that you can protect your customers from Zika will put you in trouble with the law.
  • Consider local rainfall and how it can impact your treatments. Be upfront with customers when selling the program and discussing the timing of your treatments.
  • Be prepared with a green treatment option. Many pest professionals are turning to products such as Nature-Cide, made from powerful essential oils.
  • Consider combining your mosquito service with ticks and/or fleas. Pest professionals across the country are having success with a bundled approach to these types of services.

If you are looking to begin a mosquito control program or would like advice on improving your current one contact your local Residex representative today!