Pest News   |   October 13, 2016

Marketing Your Rodent Services This Rodent Awareness Week

The Week of October 23-29, 2016 has been designated Rodent Awareness Week. During this time the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) will work to educate the public through a consumer media relations and social media campaign on the dangers associated with rodent infestations in the home. Pest professionals are encouraged to join the cause and work to educate your current customer base and those homeowners in your geographical region. How can you maximize your exposure this time of the year and ensure that your company’s brand is top of mind when a home or business owner discovers mouse droppings or other signs of rodent activity?

We put together the following list of marketing and social media tricks to help you to maximize your rodent control leads. By making a few additions or tweaks to your marketing you can help to ensure that you have a successful rodent season.

Highlight Your Rodent Offerings In Your Marketing.

Do you have a monthly eNewsletter or do regular promotional eBlasts that highlight your services? If not Rodent Awareness Week is a great time to start! Timely touches to your customer base will keep your company top of mind when a pest problem occurs. If you offer exclusion services be certain to describe them in detail.

Educate Your Readers.

If you don’t already have one consider starting a blog that you can link to from your website. Make your digital marketing efforts an educational resource for your readers including helpful tips and tricks that the homeowner can do on their own to prevent a rodent infestation. Be sure to include a lot of useful pictures to help properly identify signs of rodents in a home or business, for example: highlight common entry points, where to look for and how to identify different rodent droppings, show signs of an infestation such as gnaw marks on food products or entryways, describe noises such as scratching and chewing.

Be Social.

It is no secret these days that social media is a great lead generation tool. Boosted Facebook posts and ad campaigns can get your message to a very targeted group of homeowners in your region. Be sure not to over promote your services in your posts. Social media users like useful news articles, informational tips and lots of great photography and video. While the PPMA is doing their part to educate the public on the dangers of rodents you can join the effort. Simply add the hashtag #RodentAwareness to your social media posts on mice and rats.

Partner With Your Local Media.

Which newspapers are most popular in your target service area? Local community newspapers and localized websites such as the Patch are great media sources to reach out to and offer your rodent expertise for Rodent Awareness Week. Some pest professionals across the country have been successful at becoming a local pest expert by serving as guests on local radio shows. Reach out to your local media and see how you can offer your expertise whether it be in writing or as a local voice on TV or radio.

Get Your Name Out There.

Consider private labeling your favorite brand glue boards and traps to keep your company’s name top of mind with your customer base. Private labeled glue boards and traps make a great tradeshow or home show giveaway. They are also nice to leave behind in both residential and commercial accounts.

Don’t let this Rodent Awareness Week pass you by! Incorporate these tips and tricks into your marketing efforts this fall to help ensure a successful rodent season for your business.