Turf Fuel MasterClasses

Target Specialty Products hosts a variety of Turf Fuel Masterclass online webinars for turf and lawn professionals, to help you grow your business. We feature educational content from our trusted manufacturing partners, to tackle current issues that arborists, golf superintendents, and turf managers face. Our webinar speakers range from arborists, to landscape professionals, to the leading turf experts, that provide their insight and expertise, all within online interactive webinars.

Turf Fuel Masterclass XXI: Game-Changing Strategies You Can Use to Improve Plant Fitness
Thursday, Feb 16th
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PST

Join long-time industry expert and Turfgrass Pathologist Dr. John Dempsey and Steve "The Turf Fuel Guy" Loveday as they discuss the benefits in taking advantage of activating plant defense systems, optimizing plant nutrition, and ideal products and ingredients you're not using but should be using.