Industrial & Aquatic Vegetation Management

industrial weed control products

Target Speciality Products provides resources for Aquatic and Industrialweed control Vegetation Management to eliminate invasive and noxious weeds. The increased demand for water resources makes it essential to control aquatic vegetation. Our team can help professionals increase the usage of natural water resources and maintain long term water body health. In addition, our industrial products control unwanted vegetation on sites such as power stations, roadways, and airports.

Target provides quality vegetation management products and services for many markets including cities, municipalities, county road departments and private applicators. Our knowledgeable team works with you to provide non-crop, right-of-ways vegetation management solutions for weed-free environments, eliminating pests and reducing fire hazards.

Target Specialty Products for Industrial weed control products& Aquatic Vegetation Management:

Our complete product line of professional industrial weed control& aquatic vegetation management products include:

  • Algae growth treatments
  • Weed and vegetation control products
  • Lake and pond colorant
  • Herbicide controls for unwanted vegetation in terrestrial forestry
  • Right of Way herbicide and weed control
  • Fall and Spring burndown herbicides

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