Target Specialty Products News   |   April 5, 2017

Target Specialty Products Recognizes Pest Professionals this National Pest Management Month

When I step back and look at all of the good that is done by those who work in Pest Management to protect public health and property, it makes me very proud to be a part of supporting this great industry. There’s a lot to appreciate regarding how our industry impact’s the everyday lives of people everywhere. 

Pest Professionals tackle the unknown. Field technicians go into situations on a daily basis that the average person may try to avoid - that many of us may even deem dangerous. Pest Professionals have the power to make things safe again: the wildlife in the attic, the wasp’s nest in the backyard, the cockroach infestation in the kitchen, and the bed bug problem in the bedroom - solving problems to keep our families safe.

Pest Professionals help to ensure that the food we eat is safe. The food industry relies heavily upon Pest Management. When pests are present in food preparation areas they put the food prepared there at risk for diseases like salmonellosis, Rat-Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, and more. Our industry plays a critical role in protecting our food supply that otherwise could become contaminated by pests and their infestations. 

Pest professionals protect our schools. Beyond the luxury of having a pest-free classroom environment, some pest invasions pose serious health consequences, particularly to children. Cockroaches and rodents are known triggers of asthma attacks in children. Stinging insects pose another serious threat to both children and adults who may have an allergic reaction to their sting. Nothing is more important to the typical Pest Management professional than keeping our children safe.

Pest Professionals protect our property. It has been estimated that termites cause over $5 billion in property damage annually, a cost not typically covered by homeowner’s insurance. Through the ingenuity of those in our industry and the dedicated work of Pest Professionals, we are able to monitor homes and uncover areas that termites and other wood destroying pests attack as their food source. 

Pest professionals support their communities. Stories often flood my social media feeds of pest management companies donating their services to local families in need. With approximately 20,000 pest management firms spanning the country I can’t help but notice all of the good that we are able to do in our local communities. 

Here at Target Specialty Products we are proud to serve pest and turf professionals. We understand the demands of the job, the early mornings and the late evenings that technicians must work, the sacrifices made by entrepreneurs, the dedication of our researchers, the tireless hours that those in supportive roles put into our jobs. This April for National Pest Management Month we honor each and every one of you for your dedication to protecting public health and property. We take pride in what you do and we are here to support you in your noble effort, every step of the way.

-Todd Ferguson
President, Target Specialty Products