Turf & Ornamental News   |   December 2, 2020


SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA (December 2, 2020)  –   Target Specialty Products, a leading value-added service provider of pest and turf and ornamental solutions in the United States and Canada, has initiated a focused approach to offering proprietary solutions to lawn care, tree care, and horticultural professionals through its new solutions based Turf Fuel Tree & Plant Health Care Catalog.

“Our Turf & Ornamental technical sales representatives have incredible relationships with customers in golf, lawncare, arbor care and nursery markets. We want to bring the value and performance of Turf Fuel products to all facets of the T&O segment.” Comments David Helt, President of Target Specialty Products.

Turf Fuel products were developed with plant physiology as the primary consideration. The product line was designed to assist the finest turf surfaces in the world tolerate environmental and human induced stresses. The fundamental science of plant physiology does not discriminate between turf and ornamental plants. The technology that gives fine turfgrass an edge, also provides excellent stress tolerance, growth control and establishment success to landscape plants.

“I refer to this catalog as a solutions’ guide.  We have taken the most successful solutions based on feedback from the field and compiled them into this document for all customers to use and benefit from. We are excited to share the benefits of the Turf Fuel technology with more of our customers.” Says Mark Jull, Proprietary Products Manager at Targe Specialty Products.

The Turf Fuel Tree and Plant Health Care catalog can be viewed or downloaded from  http://turffuel.com/resources/catalogs/  and print copies are available from a Target Specialty Product technical sales representative.

About Target Specialty Products:

With more than 80 years of industry experience, Target Specialty Products is a leading value-added service provider of turf and ornamental solutions, pest management, application equipment, supplies, education and training programs. Target Specialty Products serves turf and ornamental and pest management markets from 43 locations across the United States and Canada. 

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