Pest News   |   November 11, 2020

Messaging that matters: How to create impactful, relevant homeowner marketing materials

At one time or another, we have all been on the receiving end of a marketing message that misses the mark. Not everyone’s values are the same and creating homeowner-facing materials that appeal to a wide range of customers is a challenge. Marketing is a significant investment, so taking some extra time to craft your message for maximum impact should be considered time well spent.

It is tempting to focus on what is important to you and your business, but looking from your customers’ points of view, the same message reworded slightly makes a huge difference! Here is an example of two statements that make the same point, but from different points of view:

  • PMP-facing message: “This product is quicker and easier to apply, and its unique formula creates a more uniform application with less finished product and man hours.”
  • Customer-facing message: “Our service uses the latest treatment technology, which gives you more reliable and higher quality results - faster.”

The importance of creating a unique value proposition (UVP) cannot be overstated. Some questions to consider:

  • What sets your business apart from the competition? 
  • Do you offer a unique service that others in your market do not? 
  • Do your technicians go above and beyond to provide white glove service at every stop? 

Maybe you offer an all-in-one, total pest and termite subscription service with one low monthly fee. Reinforce that UVP in every touchpoint with potential and current customers so when they see your service trucks on the road, your message immediately comes to mind. 

Also, consider the most common concerns you hear about the topics at hand. The concerns will vary but paring down to the top two or three issues mentioned by customers helps focus the message. Keep it concise: information overload is real and important points you want customers to remember are quickly lost among unnecessary details. As pest management professionals, we could wax poetic about ants, their social nature, how to control them, and a myriad of other information, but is that really what average customers are looking for when they visit your website or open an email? Presenting materials as a bulleted list of “Frequently Asked Questions” or “Quick Facts” leads to more information read and retained than if the same points were incorporated into paragraphs of text.

Lastly, take advantage of resources offered by manufacturers like BASF. In addition to materials created to inform Pest Management Professionals about key products, many manufacturers also offer homeowner or commercial-focused marketing materials such as brochures, folders to use with job quotes and websites to help educate consumers. These resources are created to support your sales efforts and their messaging has been developed specifically to address the main concerns of the target audience, whether it is a builder, homeowner or restaurant owner. 

In addition to educational content, it can also be effective to leverage professional images and logos that are offered by some manufacturers to incorporate into your business’s custom-marketing materials. Contact your BASF sales representative today to find out more about resources available to support your business.