Pest News   |   June 5, 2019

Introducing Final Feed – The FIRST-EVER Bait for Mosquito Control

Writte by: Stanton E. Cope, PhD | Vice President, Technical Products and Services, Catchmaster (AP&G) |

The author spent almost 24 years in the Navy as a Medical Entomologist, retiring with the rank of Captain.  He has worked on mosquitoes for almost 40 years and is Past President of the American Mosquito Control Association, 2015-16.


Hear ye, hear ye!  Catchmaster (AP&G) is pleased and proud to announce the arrival of Final Feed, the first-ever bait for adult mosquito control.  Final Feed is composed of a bait matrix containing juice from dates, sugar and other ingredients (please see the Final Feed label for complete listing).  The active ingredient is microencapsulated garlic oil.  Mosquitoes are attracted to the bait, feed on it, and the vast majority of them die within 1-2 days.  This results in a virtual collapse of the mosquito population within 2-3 weeks when Final Feed is used as part of an aggressive Integrated Mosquito Management program.  And, using Final Feed is easy on the eyes and saves time as the label is only one page long!

What Is The Science Behind Final Feed?

Using a pest’s biology and feeding preferences is a great way to help control them, and this is especially true with Final Feed.  Male and female mosquitoes require regular feeding on plant sugars for energy and survival.   In fact, I like to think of them as very small cars that regularly need to be filled with gasoline!  Common sources of these sugars in nature are plant juices, honeydew, and floral/extrafloral nectaries.  Final Feed, when applied according to the label, fulfills this sugar need for mosquitoes, resulting in Bait, Kill Collapse!  And the efficacy is backed by peer-reviewed science.

What Are Some Product Characteristics Of Final Feed?

Field tests show that Final Feed has at least a 30-day efficacy period so it fits very nicely into a monthly service model.  According to EPA standards, the product has at least a 2-year shelf life and no special storage is needed.  And remember, Final Feed is a bait, not a repellent!  There are several other garlic-based products on the market available for mosquito control but they are all repellents. 

What Equipment Do You Need?

Final Feed is applied with ground-based spray equipment only.  It is not applied aerially.  Spray droplets should be medium to heavy so it should be applied with backpack or hand-held sprayers, not mist blowers.  This helps the material find its way onto vegetation, where mosquitoes like to hang out, and stay in place for killing.  And remember that Final Feed is a 25b product, meaning it is not regulated by EPA, so your team should use Final Feed-dedicated sprayers and not sprayers that are used for other pesticides.

Where And How Should Final Feed Be Applied?

As with any pesticide application, read and follow the label, always.  Here are a few highlights for application of Final Feed:

  • Target your applications where mosquitoes will be found = cool, shaded, moist and out of the wind.  This is most often in vegetation but can be under decks, porches, etc.
  • Apply to vegetation, particularly plants, shrubs, hedges and ground covers, using an up and down motion.  Pay special attention to applying product to the underside of vegetation, as this is where the mosquitoes are more likely to be.
  • Be sure to apply to the point of runoff.  Do not just ‘spritz’ it on!
  • Advise the customer to avoid irrigating or watering plants for 24 hours after application. 
  • Final Feed has been formulated with a soy additive to resist environmental conditions, especially rainfall.
  • The Final Feed label provides for great flexibility.  Product can be applied as a perimeter or spot treatment, or a combination of both.  The label has guidelines of how much material should be applied but there are no restrictions on how much or how often.
  • Peer-reviewed science shows that Final Feed does not attract non-target organisms or other pests.

In summary, Catchmaster is proud to bring this environmentally friendly mosquito control product to the pest control toolbox.  It is safe for people, pets and food and will help combat insecticide resistance.  It is easy to mix and apply and can serve as a differentiator for your mosquito service offering.  Consider trying it, especially for sensitive or special accounts such as daycare centers, schools, elderly care facilities, retirement homes and apartment complexes, just to name a few.