Pest News   |   November 13, 2019

Take simple steps for assured cockroach control with SecureChoice

A stubborn cockroach infestation can be a huge nightmare for everyone. It’s up to you to control these public health pests before they drain your resources and frustrate your customers. That’s why Syngenta has introduced the SecureChoice℠ Cockroach Assurance Program to provide you with the tools to ensure cockroaches are controlled and your customers are happy. 

The program ensures that if you do not see an adequate reduction of at least 90% of the cockroach population during the outlined treatment period, Syngenta will provide the necessary Syngenta product(s) for retreatment.


Solutions that get results

This program allows pest management professionals to get widespread control by pairing non-repellent, sprayable insecticides with cockroach gel baits. The following product rotations within the program can help fight insecticide resistance and bait aversion:


rotation bait

Methods that ensure success

To eliminate difficult cockroach populations, proven products are only part of the equation. You should also adhere to best practices and an effective integrated pest management (IPM) plan. To make this process simple, Syngenta created the SecureChoice Cockroach IPM Guide that outlines the three phases of a cockroach IPM plan: an initial visit, a follow-up visit and maintenance/prevention.



Take the steps toward proven cockroach control with the SecureChoice Cockroach Assurance Program. Learn more at or by contacting your local Syngenta territory manager.

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