Pest News   |   April 28, 2021

California Rodenticides Update

Due to the passage of assembly bill 1788, the most popular active ingredients used by pest management professionals to conduct rodent control are now banned for use in the state of California, with limited exceptions. The banning of these SGARs (baits containing brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difenacoum, or difethialone) has caused PMPs to search for new rodent control products to protect the public health.


As The World Leader in Rodent Control Technology®, Bell remains committed to providing the largest breadth of rodenticide options for PMPs in California. “Due to our strong partnerships in the state, Bell has been the leading rodenticide manufacturer in California. Our commitment has always been to provide the most rodent control tools to PMPs and we will continue to lead that charge after AB 1788,” says Patrick Lynch, Sr. Vice President of Sales for Bell.


AB 1788 does not affect baits containing first generation anticoagulants or acute active ingredients. The following Bell baits are still available for non-restricted use in California today:

To learn more about the full Bell lineup of rodenticides to use in CA, reach out to your local Target representative.