Structural Pest Management

structural pest management supplies

Target Specialty Products is the top choice for pest management professionals. We know the importance of safely and efficiently removing unwanted pests from homes and businesses. Hard to remove insects and pests can cause a substantial amount of damage to any structure. Our team can advise on fumigation best practices and develop treatment plans to suit your needs. Make the smart choice and browse our complete line of professional products.

Target Specialty Products for Structural Pest ManagementSupplies:

Some of our products include:

  • Flea and Mosquito Control Products
  • Termiticide and Insecticide for Termite removal
  • Commercial and residential pest control products
  • Spray for common pests and insects
  • Baits for ants, rodents, and mice
  • Insect lights for flies
  • Insecticides
  • Rodenticides
  • Bird Control
  • Insect Growth Regulators
  • Termiticides
  • Cleaners and Deodorizers


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