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Preventive control of fall invading pests with Temprid® FX Insecticide

Common Fall Invaders

Insects such as cluster flies, boxelder bugs, elm leaf beetles and Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles (MALB) are common overwintering pests. As temperatures cool in the fall, these insects are attracted to warm temperatures found on exterior walls exposed to the sun. They often occur suddenly in large numbers. After landing on exterior surfaces, the insects explore the area and locate entry points to wall voids, attics and other protected areas inside the structure. Once inside they may become a nuisance during the fall, winter and spring as they emerge and move to warmer areas in the structure, including living quarters.


In 2008, field trials with four pest management companies showed that preventive Temprid FX applications against fall invading insect pests on over 800 accounts resulted in over 50% less callbacks than standard insecticides.


Fall invader trials, 2008

Four companies

  • //⚬Premier Pest Elimination, Madison, WI
  • //⚬East Tennessee P.C., Rogersville, TN
  • //⚬Guardian P. C., Duluth, MN
  • //⚬ABC Pest Control, Austin, TX
  • //⚬Majority of treatments performed in 4Q08
  • //⚬Pest spectrum: lady beetles (incl. MALB), boxelder bugs, cluster flies


  • //⚬803 accounts
  • //⚬42 callbacks (5.2% callbacks)


  • //⚬Demand® CS, Dragnet®, or bifenthrin
  • //⚬832 accounts
  • //⚬84 callbacks (10.1% callbacks)

Pest Management

Pest Management Professionals can provide effective control of these important pests. It’s best to prevent their entry, since it’s much more difficult to manage them once they have gotten inside.

Exclusion methods

Sealing exterior gaps and cracks around windows, doors, eaves, roofs, siding and other potential points of entry before insects move to the structures is an important part of an effective prevention program. Damaged doors, vent screens, and window screens should be repaired. Tight-fitting door sweeps and rubber seals around garage doors can also be installed to prevent pest entry.

Exterior insecticide application

Despite these exclusion methods, exterior insecticide applications are often required. Temprid FX provides excellent residual, killing pests before they can enter structures. Make applications to areas around windows, under eaves, along rooflines and around foundations wherever these pests congregate. Timing (usually late summer and early fall) and thorough coverage are essential for effective management. Check with your local extension service for information on proper timing of applications.


Temprid FX is ideal for use against fall invaders. The maintenance rate of 8 ml per gallon of water is adequate under most conditions.

Treatment when insects are inside

For a complete treatment or if insects are already inside, the most practical method of removal is to vacuum or sweep them up. Glue boards may also be used to control insects inside the structure. For relief from persistent problems, make spot treatments with Temprid FX to areas frequented by insects indoors, such as door and window casings. Application of insecticide dusts (i.e., Tempo® 1% Dust or DeltaDust®) to wall voids will help control pests where they harbor.

//⚬Boxelder bug: adults are ½ inch in length, black with red lines.

//⚬Multicolored Asian lady beetle: Similar to other lady beetles, but with black “M” on thorax.

For more information on the management of fall invaders and Bayer products, contact your Bayer Representative.


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