At Nature-Cide we strive to provide our customers with all-natural green environmentally friendly and effective products for the control of insects while repelling rodents, reptiles and various birds. The Nature-Cide product line was created by a California Licensed IPM (Integrated Pest Management) service company. We believe that the proper way to remove and control pests from your home or business is by the continual management of your property. By using an IPM strategy, not only do pests find the a property unattractive, but the use of Nature-Cide products takes the strategy a step further, by driving the pest away. It is not our intention to re-invent the pest control industry but instead to offer the community a green and effective product line, with proven efficacy to kill and repel insects, repel rodents, reptiles and various birds while leaving a pleasant aroma to satisfy even the toughest critics.

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