Its National Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Target Specialty Products offers a variety of products that protect families, pets, and businesses from mosquitoes. Recommended products:

Imperium Insecticide - aerial spray insecticide that controls adult mosquitoes, in crop and non-crop areas. Features superior efficacy, low application rate, and low environmental impact. Available in 2.5 gallon, 30 gallon and 250 gallon.
Zenivex E20 Insecticide - ULV air, hand and ground spray that controls adult mosquitoes, non-biting midges and black flies, in crop, pasture and urban areas. Features a low toxicity profile and quick knockdown for mosquitoes.
Sumilarv 0.5 G - mosquito growth regulator, that gets rid of mosquito larvae and prevents adult emergence, in ponds, lagoons, and other water sites. Features pyriproxyfen. Available in 1 kg and 5 kg bags.
Vortex TR Spreader - electric granular spreader that dispenses granular fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicide, and insecticide, on plant beds, golf course greens and more. Features a 250 LB capacity polyethylene inductor hopper.
Phoenix Fogger 500 ATV - ULV fogger that provides an on-site mosquito control fogging solution, for golf courses, country clubs, and resort areas. Features a GX160
Honda OHV industrial engine and 5 gallon capacity tank.

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