Our industry-leading products can help you meet both your performance and customer service needs. As your professional insect control partner, MGK® provides effective solutions and proven best practices, so your job is easier and your business is more successful.

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MGK provides insect control solutions in the form of products as well as deep technical support, education, tools and more. Visit for access to additional resources.


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MGK has been partnering with PMPs for nearly 20 years to create innovative solutions that help meet their unique needs. See the complete line of MGK products designed to help you control even the toughest pest populations: Bedlam, CrossFire, NyGuard, OneGuard, Onslaught, Sumari and Vendetta.

Maximize efficacy and control with the all-new Sumari® System. Designed to work in tandem, the powerful combination of Sumari® Insecticide and Sumari® Ant Gel Bait is uniquely formulated to provide long-lasting control through direct contact and ingestion. “Make ant control simple, you said.” So we did.

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