Pest Blog   |   September 16, 2020

An Epidemic Year for Miller Moths!

miller moths in pantry

2020 has been an eventful year for all of us, even miller moths! Every few years populations spike based on weather patterns, meaning this year’s mild climate caused a boom in these furry dive-bombers.


So how can you position your business to benefit from a flying nuisance pest? Educate your customers and prospects on the damage—partly due to the brown residue secreted on everything they touch—they cause each year to businesses, homes, and equipment; their invasive nature leads to clogged air conditioning units, carburetors, exhaust pipes, and chimneys, as well as damage to crops, gardens, turfgrass, and lawns. You can take it one step further and add that miller moths have been known to nestle inside human ears.


Additionally, incorporating fun facts in your marketing content can make information more enjoyable and easier to digest. Consider adding a "Did You Know?" section with copy like: “Miller moths are a predominant food source for grizzly bears in the spring. In fact, bears consume up to 40,000 fat-rich moths a day!” While this type of content is fascinating it also alludes to the masses of moths threatening locals. 


Taking on an infestation of miller moths by yourself is no simple task and when done improperly can lead to other pests moving in, such as carpet beetles. Let your readers know that your business can help manage them during peak season before overwintering.  


Target Specialty Products has been helping pest control professionals lower miller moth populations for 80 years. If you need assistance with selecting a trap, contact us here, we have 43 active locations across the country with representatives ready to provide their expertise and support.  For direct inquiries, visit us here.

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