Pest News   |   May 6, 2021

Put strong disease control into motion with Posterity® XT and Posterity® Forte

Posterity® XT and Posterity® Forte fungicides from Syngenta are the driving forces for powerful disease protection that lasts. Featuring ADEPIDYN® technology (pydiflumetofen), these products deliver three leading active ingredients in different FRAC groups (7 + 11 + 3) to optimize control of key diseases across a range of turfgrass species and regions.

Enhance your turfgrass management with free digital tools

Get the most out of your Posterity® XT and Posterity® Forte applications with Syngenta agronomic alerts:

  • Dollar spot alerts will notify you via email and/or text of the dollar spot risk in your area
  • Soil temperature alerts will advise when conditions in your area are favorable for diseases like summer patch, take-all patch, spring dead spot, take-all root rot and more

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