Pest News   |   October 11, 2017

Think Outside of the Box This Rodent Season… Multiple Catch Mouse Trap Tips for Exterior Use

Rodent Awareness Week is perfectly timed as October 22-28th 2017. Don’t miss this great public relations opportunity created by the Professional Pest Management Association to make your residential and commercial accounts aware of the dangers of rodent infestations in their homes and facilities. As the weather cools and rodent pressures increase consider the following.

Multiple Catch Mouse Traps (MCTs) such as the Victor Tin Cat are capable of catching up to 30 mice.  MCTs use a self- monitoring teeter totter mechanism that requires no wind up so they’re always working and ready to catch mice. Most PMPs use this type of trap when servicing their commercial accounts such as food processing, warehouse and pharmaceutical facilities. They are placed along interior perimeter walls, on either side of entry doors or loading docks plus any other areas they wish to protect.

One very beneficial use that is often overlooked is placement of MCTs on the exterior of a facility. Place MCTs on either side of entry doors, loading docks and any other vulnerable entry point to intercept mice before they even make it inside the account. Unlike rodent bait stations which allow the mouse to enter, feed on rodenticide and then leave to enter the facility and die. A MCT placed on the exterior allows the mouse to go in the trap but he is not able leave and enter the facility.

It’s critical that we think outside of the box and use our pest management tools such as the Victor Tin Cat to their full potential and benefit.

By Mike Goldstein – Woodstream Corp