Target Specialty Products News   |   January 10, 2018

Target Specialty Products Sylvia Kenmuir Invited to Speak at NPMA’s Pyrethroid Workshop at EPA

Last month the National Pest Management Association conducted an important full day workshop in Crystal City, VA for employees of the EPA, at the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP). The goal of the meeting was to educate attendees who are responsible for registration review as well as EPA reps from EFED, BEED, PRD and RD on pyrethroid use patterns in structural settings.

Sylvia Kenmuir serves as Target Specialty Products’ Director of Training and is committed to delivering top-notch training and educational programs to those at Target Specialty Products and those in our industry. “It was an honor to be invited to present to representatives of the EPA on the importance of pyrethroids and why this class of products is essential to protect public health and property,” said Kenmuir, “I feel confident that our efforts have helped the EPA members to have a greater understanding of Pyrethroids after the meeting that will be useful during their product review.”