Turf & Ornamental News   |   February 20, 2020

Target Specialty Products Announces Part Four in the Turf Fuel® Master Class™ Business Growth Webinar Series for Turf Professionals with ‘Turf Stress and Stress Relief’ 

Join Target Specialty Products for a free webinar on February 27 at 9:30am PDT with Featured Speaker Steve Loveday, Turf Fuel Nutritional Product Development Manager

Santa Fe Springs, CA (February 21, 2020)– Target Specialty Products, a leading value-added service provider of pest and turf and ornamental solutions in the United States and Canada, announced Part Four of the Turf Fuel® Master Class™ Business Growth Webinar Series for turf professional with ’Turf Stress and Stress Relief.’  

The live seminar, based in Edmonton, Alberta, will make the educational experience available to all interested turf managers through the Turf Fuel Master Class webinar platform.

“Customer education is a priority for us at Target Specialty Products,” said David Helt, President of Target Specialty Products.“With today’s technology, we can make these live educational opportunities available to as many people as possible.  This is the first time we are broadcasting one of our live seminars to anyone interested.  We look forward to engagement from our live audience as well as our online virtual audience spread across North America.

Steve Loveday, who developed many of the Turf Fuel products with the goal to reduce turf stress and allow turf to thrive in harsh conditions, will discuss the topic of turf stress and stress relief. During this one-hour session, Loveday will explain the factors that cause turf stress and loss. He will also explain the Turf Fuel technologies that have proven to enhance turf stress relief.

“Mr. Loveday always delivers an impactful and very interesting perspective on plant health and nutrition,” said Mark Jull, Turf Fuel Business Manager, “Each time I hear Steve speak, I learn something new, and enjoy the feedback from others in attendance that always take new information away from his talks.  We are looking forward to using the Turf Fuel Master Class platform to bring this information to many more people than the traditional in person seminar setting.” Look for future Turf Fuel® Master Class™Business Growth initiative offerings in the future from Target Specialty Products. Click here to be added to their mailing list and notified of future educational opportunities. 

Headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, and with 44 locations in major markets across the United States and Canada, Target Specialty Products continues to experience exceptional growth this year and will continue its expansion throughout North America, expanding its footprint and customer service efforts across the West, Midwest, and East Coast regions.

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