Pest News   |   June 19, 2018

Taking a Multi-Pronged Approach for Effective Mosquito Treatment


By: MGK Technical Services Team

Mosquitoes evolve quickly to changes in their environment, such as the presence of insecticides, so an effective treatment plan should be multi-pronged. Use an IPM approach starting with surveillance and exclusion. Once conducive conditions have been addressed, a chemical treatment can be applied. For best results, use the combination of an adulticide, synergist and insect growth regulator (IGR). This is important because each component features a unique benefit to mosquito control.

Adulticides are important because they provide immediate relief from an adult population of biting mosquitoes. For best results, choose an adulticide with microcap technology. Microcaps provide controlled release of the active ingredient, thereby providing control for an extended period of time on difficult surfaces.

Synergists are not insecticides by themselves, but they enhance insecticide efficacy. Synergist use combats insecticide resistance present in the mosquito population. Piperonyl butoxide, commonly referred to as PBO, is one of the most common synergists used in insect control today. It prevents the breakdown of the insecticide in the insect which leads to increased efficacy at lower insecticide concentrations.

IGRs have a very different mode of action than adulticides, affecting the hormonal system of the insects rather than killing them outright. One type of IGR is a juvenile hormone (JH) mimic. Pyriproxyfen is a JH mimic and can prevent the transition of larvae into adults, effectively ending their life cycle in the pupal stage. It can also sterilize adult mosquitoes and reduce the number of viable eggs that are laid.

These various aspects were taken into account with the development of OneGuard® Multi MoA Concentrate, manufactured by MGK. OneGuard combines the power of a knockdown, residual adulticide, synergist and IGR in one single product for effective knockdown, kill and long-lasting control of mosquitoes and other flying and crawling pests. This convenient all-in-one product eliminates guesswork, minimizes mixing and eliminates multiple SKUs, resulting in minimized waste and saved time for you in the field. It also gives Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) and their customers peace of mind. It has long-lasting control of AedesAnopheles and Culexmosquitoes, including those that may transmit West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus and Zika virus. Contact your MGK or distributor rep to learn more or visit