Pest News   |   January 9, 2017

New Years Resolutions For Your Pest Management Business

It’s that time of the year when cold weather conditions affect much of the country and pest professionals take a short break from the day-to-day. January is a perfect time for business planning and hopefully you are using these weeks to examine the previous year’s performance and set new business goals for 2017.

While you may have already set your personal New Year’s Resolutions, why not consider setting a few Resolutions for your business as well? We put together the following list of Resolutions to help you move your business forward in the New Year…

1. Assess your current equipment. When the busy season is upon you it can be difficult to take time away to care for your equipment. The off season is a perfect time to carefully review your equipment inventory, show it a little TLC and perhaps take some pieces out of the rotation. Often times dated equipment can cost you in the long run with down time when it breaks or equipment repair expenses. Since time is money, you may also want to consider what new technology exists that may make you and your technicians more efficient in the field. Our technical field reps would be happy to discuss new equipment technology. If you haven’t already, be sure to Winterize Your Spray Rig and Spray Guns. The time you spend now could save you thousands later in repair expenses.

2. Consider an Add-On Business. If you have a crew that you must lay-off during the winter months or you struggle to keep your staff busy during this time of the year consider including a seasonal Add-On Business to the mix. Holiday Decorating, Snow Plowing, Blow-In Insulation, Rodent Exclusion, Wildlife Removal and Mold Treatment are all common Add-On Businesses that pest management companies have successfully included in their business mix over the years.

3. Reduce Your Winter Cancellation Rate. One way to keep your cancellations to a minimum this year is to remind your customers of your value! If you offer a winter service ensure your customer base realizes how important that service is. Take the time to schedule an indoor pest inspection. Check glue boards and traps and set out fresh ones. Inspect for rodent and other wildlife droppings. Create a leave behind marketing piece that communicates to your customer exactly what value you are delivering with your winter service and even give them a glimpse of what is to come with their spring service.

4. Embrace Technology. Chances are your technicians already own their own smartphones. Incentive them to use them in the field! Showing your customer evidence of a termite infestation or attic rodent invasion through pictures taken on your technician’s smartphone can be powerful. Those same pictures can be used on your website and social media pages to help customers identify pest problems in their own home. Don’t shy away from amateur technology. Most folks can take a skilled shot with a simple smartphone and today’s consumer actually prefers your action shots and videos versus stockphotos.

5. Create a Content Marketing Plan for 2017. It can be tough to sit down when time is limited time and determine what this month’s enewsletter might cover, what social media post topic you should write about or what blog may be interesting to your audience. Save yourself time during the busy season this year by creating a full pest control marketing calendar in January and following it throughout the year.

We hope these suggestions offer you some creative ideas to write your 2017 Business Resolutions. Wishing your business your best year yet!