Product Education   |   July 16, 2021


nature cide

Nature-Cide is a 100% natural and highly effective insect, rodent and reptile insecticide/pesticide and repellent product line. Nature-Cide kills ticks, fleas, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes and other insects on contact. Nature-Cide's 100% natural formula is a great option for customers that are looking for an alternative approach to mosquito control that doesn't employ traditional pesticides. 

The market demand for non-traditional pesticide alternatives continues to grow. Many consumers have reservations about using synthetic chemistry. "Chemical Free" options exist in food production, cosmetics, household cleaners and the like. With Nature-Cide, that same option now exists for flea, tick and mosquito control. Customers will initially be interested in Nature-Cide due to the excellent environmental profile of the product and the gentle formulation. But they'll be repeat customers because of its ability to kill and repel a multitude of different pests

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