Pest News   |   April 7, 2020

Marketing Your Services This National Pest Management Month

The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), recognizes the month of April as National Pest Management Month. This year’s awareness campaign takes on a very different meaning. As much of our country remains shut down as the country battles COVID-19, essential services, like pest management, continue to operate. Pest professionals play a critical role in protecting public health and property, a service that is needed, even through times of crisis. 

How can your firm communicate the importance of your services through this national awareness month? We put together some ideas to help: 

  1. Remind your customers that pest management services have been deemed as essential and that your business continues to operate. We are quite sure most customers will appreciate hearing from you digitally, if at all possible. Email, social media channels and your website homepage can all help to communicate your company’s work status. 
  2. Communicate to clients why pest management is essential. Help your audience to understand the value of what you do to protect human health, property, the country’s food supply and their overall quality of life. Focus on the positive impact you have delivering a pest-free, healthy environment to your clients. 
  3. Inform customers of the cautionary steps you are taking to protect them and their family’s or employees, as well as your staff during this time. Sharing your action plan with customers will set their minds at ease to continue your services. 
  4. Encourage home and business owners to work with a professional. Now is not a time to attempt DIY services that can be both ineffective and dangerous. 

During this National Pest Management Month we recognize and thank every worker who makes their own unique contribution to our great industry. Now more than ever, we appreciate the hard work and dedication of all who continue to work through this time of crisis. Be safe.