Pest News   |   March 5, 2020

Get pest control that’s fast-acting and long-lasting with Demand CS

When customers come to you with tough pest problems, they’re looking for control that works quickly, but also has lasting control. That’s why Syngenta offers Demand®CS insecticide, a broad-spectrum product that’s designed to be effective shortly after application and for up to 90 days. 

Durability meets flexibility

Demand CS is effective against more than 30 different pests including mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, fleas and ticks. When used as part of the recommended treatment protocol in a SecureChoice℠ assurance program, it can provide proven control of public health pests like mosquitoes, ticks and more. 

Demand CS offers fast knockdown of target pests — and then continues to work for up to 90 days — through the power of iCAP™ technology. Its microcapsules adhere to an insect’s waxy cuticles, meaning they are easily picked up by insects. Insect activity then causes the capsules to rupture, releasing the active ingredient. These microcapsules are a variety of sizes: the smaller ones activate more quickly for immediate control, while the larger capsules release the active ingredient later for residual control. 

See the results for yourself

Efficacy trials have been conducted with Demand CS, including a trial at Virginia Tech testing mosquito knockdown after five minutes of exposure. Throughout the eight week study, Demand CS resulted in more dead mosquitoes than the competition. Visit to view more trial data, success stories and more.

Get peace of mind and efficiently control pests on your customers’ accounts with Demand CS. Contact your Target Specialty Products representative or branch to order now.


Source: Virginia Tech University, 2016, PPM16503

Performance assessments are based upon results or analysis of public information, field observations and/or internal Syngenta evaluations. Trials reflect treatment rates commonly recommended in the marketplace.

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