Product Education   |   February 10, 2020

Foam Fresh by Nisus Corp.

Foam Fresh is a powerful bio-remedial foam used to break down organic matter and eliminate odors while leaving a fresh, pleasant scent. It is designed to be applied as part of an ongoing maintenance program and intended for use in intense odor-causing situations. 
Foam Fresh doesn’t “cover up” odors. It uses microbes to attack the source of the smell, breaking down the organic matter and eliminating the odor for good.

Use Foam Fresh to break down gunk in commercial kitchens, garbage receptacles, floor drains and sink drains. You can also use Foam Fresh to eliminate odors like urine, vomit and feces. Foam Fresh can be used in bathrooms, floor drains, drain surfaces, wall voids, walls, floors, carpets, urinals, toilets, food preparation areas, refuse containers, garbage cans and dumpsters, as well as many other areas.

Foam Fresh: Triple Action 
1. When you spray Foam Fresh onto a surface, the foaming action immediately encapsulates odor-causing molecules, reducing offensive odors.
2. The offensive odor is replaced by the bold fresh scent of Foam Fresh. This fresh scent is most powerful when first sprayed, then it dissipates to a gentle fragrance.
3. Finally, Foam Fresh attacks the organic matter that is the cause of the odor. Seven strains of microbes begin consuming the organic matter, and the microbes will double in population every 20 minutes until their food source is consumed.

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