Pest News   |   June 25, 2019

Ensure guaranteed tick control with the SecureChoice Tick Assurance Program

As ticks become more of a concern across the country, it’s imperative pest management professionals (PMPs) take steps to ensure tick-free environments for their customers. To address these problems, the SecureChoice℠ Tick Assurance Program from Syngenta can give PMPs the confidence to tackle tough tick jobs. This proven program offers a carefully designed treatment protocol centered around applications of Demand® CS insecticide, which can help reduce tick populations on a quarterly treatment cycle.

Enhanced control with iCAP technology

To keep tick populations under control, Demand CS utilizes the power of iCAP™ technology, which features different-sized microcapsules that provide immediate and long-term release of the active ingredient. This provides residual control of ticks that can last for up to 90 days.

Learn more about iCAP technology by watching the video below:



Give your customers guaranteed tick control this season with the proven SecureChoice Tick Assurance Program. Contact your Target Specialty Products representative or branch to order now.


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