Pest News   |   September 2, 2020

Contactless Rodent Control Powered by Bell Sensing Technologies

Bell is committed to providing the tools that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) need to get the job done. PMPs are among the essential workers that have to adapt their standard operating procedures to continue protecting public health. 

Bell Sensing Technologies (BST) equips PMPs with the ability to gather rodent data from a distance, allowing technicians to safely evaluate accounts and determine when hands-on service is required.  The iQ product line-up, powered by BST, lets PMPs know everything about the rodent activity occurring at their accounts without having to:

  • check empty traps
  • contact facility managers to allow access to restricted areas
  • procure ladders
  • move obstructions

iQ products utilize integrated Bluetooth sensors that capture rodent data onsite from each device.  As the technician services the account, the BST app will indicate whether activity has occurred and when, eliminating the need to service traps and bait stations that don’t have rodent activity. Affordable sensing devices for any account, Bell’s PROTECTA EVO Express, PROTECTA EVO Ambush, TRAPPER 24/7, and TRAPPER T-Rex are all available in iQ form.  Easy to install, PMPs do not need tools, expensive gateway equipment or additional hardware to install iQ products.  Simply follow the activation set-up instructions in the BST App, and begin rodent monitoring. 

Highly trained and licensed PMPs are experienced in identifying, eliminating, and preventing rodent control problems. Knowledge and expertise are the most valuable tools that technicians have in their arsenal. Bell’s iQ products enable more time to be spent applying knowledge to solve rodent problems, instead of checking empty traps, and risking unnecessary exposure at accounts.  iQ products, along with Bell’s full rodent control product lineup, is available to support technicians with whatever they face at any type of account.