Bed Bug Awareness Week: June 7-13

With the resurgence of bed bug activity in recent years, what better time to educate the public on the problems they pose than Bed Bug Awareness Week? Here are some tips to help join the movement while bringing awareness to your brand as well. 


According to the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), the internet is buzzing about bed bugs with a 70 percent increase in online conversations in just one year. This data suggests the strongest approach for 2020 is shifting marketing efforts to the internet where you are more likely to connect with people in need of service and expertise. 


Take advantage of this week by increasing your online presence, even if it’s solely on social media platforms. Most people turn to the internet for information (and reviews) when problems arise, so interaction with prospects and existing customers is critical. 


Consider utilizing email marketing to promote bed bug prevention programs, newsletters, blog posts, social media, e-books, and specials. What’s more is you can tailor lists to target specific groups like homeowners, landlords, healthcare facilities, and schools. What might work for a single family dwelling may not be effective for large commercial properties. 


Regardless of where you choose to focus marketing efforts this week, remember quality over quantity. Resonate with your readers by answering their bed bug questions and offering solutions to their problems. Start by identifying physical traits of bed bugs, characteristics of bites, and evidence they leave behind. Prevention methods, like protecting luggage from hungry hitchhikers, cleaning tips, and regular inspections are welcome too, and will likely instill trust in your company. 


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