Product Education   |   May 5, 2017

BASF - Absolute Ant Control

Ants, the number one nuisance pest.

Most homeowners consider ants an annoyance. They’re the number one reason homeowners request your service.

Genuine Transfer Effect technology helps eliminate ant colonies at the source.

As social insects, ants live in colonies. Most spray insecticide treatments result in only a few foraging workers being killed, not the entire colony. Even sealing entry points won’t work, since it’s rarely possible to find and seal all possible areas where ants could enter a home.

The solution is genuine Transfer Effect technology from BASF. This innovative technology is built around taking advantage of the social behaviors of ants including following pheromone trails, grooming, communicating and other forms of physical contact.

Through genuine Transfer Effect technology, ants naturally pass the insecticide to other ants in the colony.

Ants will never know: Non-repellent formulations

Genuine Transfer Effect technology utilizes non-repellent formulations, which ants can’t detect so technicians don’t waste time trying to find hard to locate colonies.

Exterior Perimeter:

Termidor® SC Termiticide/Insecticide, the nation’s number one ant control product, has been a trusted, proven performer for ant control since the year 2002 with genuine Transfer Effect technology.

Apply Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide in the following locations:

  • One foot up and one foot out from the structure
  • Apply in 18-inch-wide bands around windows, doors, vents, pipes or other exterior openings
  • Apply to exterior surfaces or into structural voids of structures where ants enter the structure, crawl and hide or trail, or where nests are found

Interior, Exterior Perimeter, Off-structure:

Alpine® WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide, labeled for use in the home, is the only indoor product with genuine Transfer Effect technology. With its reduced risk, Alpine WSG insecticide is a responsible approach for your customers’ health and safety when used as directed.

Apply Alpine WSG insecticide in the following locations:

  • Inside the home, around doors, windows, under sinks, and around pipes
  • Off structure in the yard to foraging trails, nests or mounds
  • On lawns, landscaping, structures, and impervious structures
  • On structure (between or with Termidor treatments)

The Duo that protects homes, inside and out.

The Right Combination for Peace of Mind

Used in combination, Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide and Alpine WSG insecticide help eliminate ant colonies, reduce callbacks, and encourage customer retention. Homeowners can rest easy, knowing that ants are no longer a problem, inside or outside.

To find out more about Termidor SC termiticide/insecticide and Alpine WSG insecticide with genuine Transfer Effect technology, visit or contact your Target Specialty sales representative.


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