Pest News   |   April 20, 2020

Never Check an Empty Trap Again

motion sensor mouse trap

By: Patrick Lynch, ACE, Senior Vice President of Sales, Bell Laboratories

Imagine you are arriving at one of your typical rodent control accounts to conduct a service. The account has 50 exterior bait stations and another 100 interior traps, made out of a combination of multiple-catch and snap traps. In order to service these devices, you must walk up to each one individually, procure a ladder, move obstructions or perhaps even contact a facility manager to unlock a door or provide safety equipment. You must take the time to conduct all these measures in order to visually inspect all of your rodent traps, regardless of whether any rodent activity has occurred. The vast majority of the time, these traps are still set, empty, and there is no evidence of rodent activity. The time you had at the account was wasted spent searching for and checking empty devices, with little time left over to inspect and solve any rodent problems for your customer.

Bell’s iQ product line of rodent control devices was created so that PMPs can eliminate all of the time they spend checking empty traps, and use those time savings to improve efficacy & efficiency at accounts.

bell sensing technologies

iQProducts integrate proprietary rodent sensors that turn some of Bell’s most popular products into powerful 24/7 rodent data gathering devices.  With Bell Sensing Technologies (BST), PMP’s are now be able to know everything about the rodent activity occurring at their accounts.  Bell’s iQ products use highly customized Bluetooth sensors that allow data to be quickly captured onsite from each device.  As the technician services the account, the BST app will indicate whether activity has occurred at each device and when, eliminating the need to service traps and bait stations that didn’t see any rodent activity.  The data will then be uploaded to the cloud directly from a smartphone or tablet, and available for further data trending analysis. The connection established between the BST app and the Bluetooth sensor provides a timestamped proof of service to the PMP, as well as peace of mind.

bell iq

Bell’s PROTECTA EVO Express, PROTECTA EVO Ambush, TRAPPER 24/7, and TRAPPER T-Rex are all available in iQ form, and at an affordable price which will allow PMPs to use them at all of their accounts.  iQ products are easy to install—no need for tools, nuts and bolts, or expensive gateway equipment, simply follow the activation set-up instructions, and begin sensing. 

bell sensing technologies

Rodent data trends will allow you to deliver informed, precise information to your customers.  For the first time ever, you can prove your accounts with exactly when and where rodent activity has occurred. Being able to paint a definitive picture to your customer of exactly what rodents are doing at the account, and when, sets you apart from the competition and strengthens customer relationships.

bell iq

As a highly trained and licensed pest management professional, you are experienced in identifying, eliminating, and preventing rodent control problems. Your knowledge and experience are the most valuable tools that you have in your arsenal, and Bell’s iQ products enable you to spend more time applying that knowledge to solve rodent problems, instead of checking empty traps.  To learn more, visit