Product Education   |   October 5, 2022

Sumari is Getting F.A.T. What Does it Mean For You?

pesticide tolerances

You may have heard that MGK’s Sumari® Insecticide will soon debut with F.A.T. – but what does that mean and why is it valuable for your business? The short answer is that Sumari can now be used on food and feed commodities in food handling establishments.

How is F.A.T. pesticide tolerancesdefined?

F.A.T. is a term used by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA that stands for Food Additive Tolerance. Let’s break down what that means:

  • When the EPA sets a food tolerance, they are basically identifying the amount of pesticide residue that can remain in or on a pesticide-treated food.
  • The EPA evaluates the toxicity of a pesticide, how much is applied, and how much remains on the food by the time the food is sold.
  • They use this process to define a pesticidetolerance: the maximum amount of pesticide residue allowed to remain on food.

Learn more about this process from the EPA.

Coming Soon: Sumari is Getting F.A.T.

Recently, MGK successfully petitioned the EPA to establish a tolerance for the main active ingredient in Sumari, clothianidin, on food and feed commodities in food handling establishments. This means that Sumari can now be used in areas where food and food products are held, processed, prepared, and/or served, when the food has been covered or removed prior to use.


Let Sumari take the weight off your next food-handling treatment. Stay tuned for more details as we roll out these changes, or contact your Target or MGK sales rep for more details.

Success Starts with Sumari

This new use opens up great possibilities for this unique product, MGK’s first in the ant market. But the performance doesn’t just stop at ants, Sumari is labeled for a broad spectrum of insects, including cockroaches and flies (see label for a full list of insects killed and controlled).


This all-in-one solution provides fast-acting and long-lasting residual control to boost productivity and give you more control helping you get it right the first time. Designed specifically with PMPs’ needs in mind, only Sumari brings together the features critical for improved pest control, reducing overall costs and call-backs.


Other Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient all-in-one product
  • Kills ants, cockroaches and a wide variety of food-damaging pests (see label)
  • Contains NyGuard® IGR, an insect growth regulator that breaks the life cycle of pests, preventing future reproduction
  • For use indoors and outdoors, including outdoor broadcast
  • No signal word

Learn more about Sumari Insecticide in MGK’s video: