Product Education   |   March 9, 2023

Introducing DOXEM® NXT

doxem nxt

DOXEM® NXT is the latest Combination Chemistry® aerosol from Control Solutions Inc. PMPs can now apply indoxacarb in an entirely new way – as an aerosol! With a flexible label that includes food handling uses, it is a premium ready-to-use solution for most pest problems.

Innovation you can apply!

  • First aerosol to contain indoxacarb
  • First aerosol with imidacloprid for use in food handling
  • First aerosol with 2 non-repellent adulticides and 2-IGRs

Doxem NXT should be your first choice for rotational pest management programs. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide with four active ingredients and four unique modes of action.

Since it’s formulated with non-repellent active ingredients, this aerosol product is compatible with other non-repellent applications, including ant and cockroach baits. Additionally, it effectively kills many listed pests on contact while leaving behind a long residual.