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Target Specialty Products have everything industry professionals need to combat unwanted pests, mold, and insects. We provide the tools to treat problem areas using vikane gas, liquid, and solid fumigation products. Our skilled technicians have the experience to advise on treatment plans and best practices to safely and effectively remove infestations. In addition, we offer educational resources, webinars, and training for pest management professionals.

The Target Specialty Products fumigation team focuses on the customer's needs when it comes to regulatory, training and supplies.  We are here to help you to be better at what you do. We offer next day delivery and a  full line of fumigation supplies and fumigants.  We are here to help you stay in regulatory compliance and help you with your yearly training needs.

Target Specialty Products for gasFumigation Management:

Explore our industry grade products and services, including:

  • Powerful precision applicators for treatment against termites
  • Termiticide for treating structural interiors and exteriors
  • New molecular technology termiticide for application precision
  • Advanced termite bait systems
  • Long term insect pest control applications
  • Fumigants
  • Gas Induction Equipment
  • Monitoring and Measurement Instruments
  • Wrapping Accessories
  • Warning Agents

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