Date Tue, May. 7, 2019
Type Target Specialty Products Events
Location Lake Cunningham Regional Park- San Jose, Ca

urban landscape management course

T&O Field Day 2019 - Aquatic and Urban Landscape Management Course

Learn the latest tactics and strategy for aquatic weed and urban landscape management, in this San Jose, CA course. This field day event features an interactive outdoor setting, with the opportunity to view test plots of actual field test results. The event also includes includes a continental breakfast & BBQ or vegetarian lunch. This workshop various landscape management topics, with seminars covering algae management, fertilizer and herbicide, how to calibrate a sprayer gun, snail control methods, and more. Featuring speakers from SePro, BioSafe Systems, Corteva, Target Specialty Products, Neudorff, Nufarm, Arborsystems, Marion AG, and Growth Products. Continuing education credits are applicable toward California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CA DPR) and Isa Arbor (ISA) licensing.


Aquatic and Urban Landscape Management topics include:

  • Aquatic Algae & Weed Management
  • Algae & Moss Control on Impervious Surfaces
  • Municipal Vegetation Management
  • Selective Herbicides in the Landscape
  • Selecting Spreaders & Surfactants for Post Emergent Applications
  • Slug, Snail and other Mollusk Control
  • Translaminar Toxicity vs Systemic Herbicides
  • Vascular Capacity - Tree Trunk Injection Timing
  • Combination Products: Fertilizer and Herbicide (pre-emergent)
  • Sprayer calibration (Granulars, Walking Sprayer, Wide Area Spray Gun)
  • Humic acid benefits for soil


Continuing Education Credits:

  • CA DPR: 4 hrs (pending)
  • ISA: applied for


Lake Cunningham Regional Park- San Jose, Ca

(800) 767-0719


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