Date Thu, Apr. 25, 2019
Type Target Specialty Products Events
Location Lake Poway Park- Poway, CA

Pest Control Operators Field Day 2019 - IPM Course

Learn the latest integrated pest management methods with this IPM course in Poway, CA. This field day event includes a continental breakfast and lunch, and covers the latest pest management techniques and topics, including CO2 gopher control methods, proper mouse trap placement, mosquito eradication methods in homes, spider identification, and more. Featuring speakers from IGI LLC, BASF, Target Specialty Products, Bell Labs, MGK, Central Life Sciences, Control Solutions Inc, Syngenta and Bayer. Continuing education credits are applicable toward California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CA DPR) and California Structural Pest Control Board (CA SPCB) licensing.


Pest management techniques discussed include:

  • IGI Eliminator - The Use of Carbon Dioxide in Gopher Control
  • Proper Gopher Baiting and Trapping
  • Residential Mosquito Control
  • Eco friendly pest management
  • Rodents - Proper Placement
  • Ant Control: Timing your Applications
  • Why and When to use Aerosols
  • Proper Baiting Techniques for Roaches and Ants
  • Identifying Spiders


Continuing Education Credits:

  • CA SPCB: 4 hrs.
  • CA DPR: AG CEUs applied for


Lake Poway Park- Poway, Ca

(800) 237-5233


Pest Control Operators Field Day Flyer