Date Thu, Apr. 4, 2019
Type Target Specialty Products Events
Location Kiwanis Park: Tempe, AZ

weed control training

Turf & Ornamental Field Day 2019 - Weed Control Training and more

Learn the latest in herbicide application, weed control and more with this turf and ornamental field day training event in Tempe, AZ. This workshop features an interactive outdoor setting, with the opportunity to view test plots to gauge field results. This event covers various weed and pest control topics, including pre and post emergent weed control, turf pest control, landscape weed control, an update from the Arizona Office of Pest Management, and more. Featuring speakers from Target Specialty Products, Arch Chemicals Inc, Syngenta, Arbor Systems, BASF, Arizona Office of Pest Management, The Scotts Company, Bell Labs, Bayer, and Aquatic Consulting & Testing. Continuing education credits for (insert 1 of 6 OBJ) are applicable Arizona Pest Management Division (AZ OPM) licensing.


Weed control and other topics including:

  • Plant Health
  • Application and Calibration Focuses
  • Aquatic Applications in a Desert Environment
  • Management Control of Turfgrass Pests
  • Tree Injection Without Drilling
  • Pre Emergent Weed Control
  • AZ OPM Update
  • Post Emergent Weed Control
  • Rodent control in landscapes
  • Landscape Weed Control
  • Mosquito Monitoring in Arizona


Continuing Education Credits:

  • AZ OPM CEUs: 6 hrs. applied for


Kiwanis Park: Tempe, AZ

Field Day 2019 Flyer