Date Tue, Sep. 10, 2019
Type Target Specialty Products Events
Location Woodhaven Country Club- Palm Desert, Ca

turf management conference

Palm Desert Turf Conference 2019 - Turf Management Conference

Learn the latest in turfgrass science with this turf management conference in Palm Desert, CA. Learn the latest trends and tools for turf management, with topics covering overseeding steps, bermudagrass decline, planting perennial ryegrass, aquatic plant management and more. Featuring speakers from Applied Bio Chemists, Target Specialty Products, Turf Fuel, Growth Products, Toscana Country Club, Syngenta, Bayer, PBI Gordon, Gowan, Arborjet and Sepro. Continuing education credits are applicable toward California Department of Pesticide Regulation license holders (CDPR).


Turfgrass management topics include:

  • Aquatic Management For Small Lakes, Ponds and Water Features
  • Soil Surfactants: Ensuring Optimum Performance From Your Soil Type
  • Nutritional Programs to Maximize Turf Strength and Energy From Overseed to Transition
  • Optimum Plant Health: Keys to Understanding Organics and Microbes
  • Overseed Strategies in the Desert Southwest
  • Current Trends in Overseeding
  • Winter Bermudagrass Diseases: The Effects on Overseed and Transition
  • Identifying weeds and calibrating a sprayer
  • Effective Use of Herbicides in the Palm Desert Area
  • Effective Solutions for Pests in our Desert Canopy
  • Perennial ryegrass usage and how does it work


Continuing Education Credits:

  • CA DPR: 0.5 hrs. Law
  • CA DPR: 6.0 hrs. Other



Woodhaven Country Club
41-555 Woodhaven Dr. East
Palm Desert, Ca 92211
(760) 345- 7636

Don't miss this opportunity to learn
about the latest trends and tools
for managing turfgrass!

6.5 CDPR Hours applied for.

For more Information call:
(800) 352-3870

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