Product Education   |   July 14, 2021


With Mosquito Control Awareness Week here, you might find yourself reading articles and press releases telling you to “load up on bug-spray” or “wear long-sleeves.” These strategies offer short-term, and often uncomfortable solutions to the prevalent mosquito problem occurring in the world. For those PMPs who want to offer a long-term, safe, and easy fix to the constant bite battle going on, the answer is DynaTrap®. With both indoor and outdoor models, you can offer protection for your customers on all fronts.

Did You Know?

Mosquitos go wherever they can find CO2. Humans release CO2 when we exhale, which is why mosquitos are attracted to humans. DynaTrap® incorporates the release of CO2 in traps to help increase catch rates.


Mosquitos thrive in hot climates. The DynaTrap® combination of UV lights and fans help create a heat sensation that draws mosquitos in. The DynaTrap® effectively reduces the mosquito population without any harsh chemicals or loud zapping so it is safe for children, animals, and sensitive ears.


Maintenance of areas where water collects is important. Check for containers, both artificial and natural, that can either be removed or emptied on a weekly basis. If you have plants that hold water, try to flush them with additional water to get the mosquito larvae out.