Product Education   |   May 21, 2021

Sniper Hospital Disinfectant

If your company offers disinfectant and/or deodorizing services, SNiPER should be a vital part of your program for many reasons. With SNiPER, there is no extra labor because of the ‘spray and walk away’ benefit SNiPER offers. With SNiPER, there is no rise or wipe-down required.... just spray and walk away. And there is no waiting period before re-entry.


Rest easy knowing you’ve selected a product so safe, EPA has approved it for use in HVAC systems, where SNiPER may be dispersed throughout the air, literally covering everything.


SNiPER works by mechanically killing bacteria and viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19. While SNiPER is tough on bacteria and viruses, it is a mild, environment friendly product that is non-irritating to the skin. It is non-corrosive so you can use it with confidence around expensive equipment such as computers and laptops. SNiPER may be used in both commercial and residential accounts.


For more information on SNiPER and using disinfectants in a COVID-19 world, watch this short and informative video by Jeff McGovern, The Pest Coach: