Product Education   |   July 15, 2021

Xlure R.T.U. Combo 4: a ‘ready-to-use’ stored product insect trap for monitoring data and peace-of-mind

The Xlure RTU Combo 4 Trap is a true ‘Ready-To-Use’ stored product insect trap with multiple insect pheromones and food lures loaded in the glue matrix to monitor for 8 major stored product insects.   This ready-to-use trap offers numerous benefits that become critical when monitoring insect activity in commercial food processing and manufacturing plants.   These types of accounts usually demand little to zero tolerance for insect infestations.   

Why is ‘Pre-Baited, Ready-to-Use’ so important?

With pre-baited multiple pheromones and food lures already in the trap,  Xlure RTU traps protect you from making mistakes that can have a big impact:

We don’t like to admit it, but we all make mistakes.  This is an example of a frequent installation mistake:   The technician is loading supplies for the day.  He/she grabs 30 glue traps to install in the spice manufacturing plant, then swings by the cooler and grabs 30 Indian Meal Moth pheromone dispensers, but neglects to also grab the needed Cigarette Beetle pheromone dispensers.  The technician installs the glue traps with the Indian Meal Moth pheromones but never goes back to install the cigarette beetle lures.   An explosion of cigarette beetles in this account blind sides you because there were no reports of cigarette beetles in any of the trapping devices.  Your customer has substantial inventory loss and you lose the account. 


With Xlure RTU Combo 4,  there is no question which insect attractants & pheromones are inside the trap.  Installation & replacements could not be easier.   Remove the traps needed from the re-sealable foil bag, unfold the trap in to a tent shape and hang.  It begins emitting pheromones and food lures for the targeted insects immediately and lasts for 10 - 12  weeks.  For peace of mind and for auditors, there is a listing of the insects that are attracted to the trap, a place to record install date, replacement date and insect catch on each trap. 

Key benefits Xlure RTU Combo 4 traps offer: 

•          Pre-baited with multiple pheromones and food lures... no accidental omission of pheromones. 

•          Precision dosed pheromone and food attractant incorporated into glue matrix for attraction by sex and food. 

•          Pherogel™ technology used to ensure the steady even release of pheromones regardless of temperature spikes, rendering accurate monitoring data 

•          Reduced labor costs of handling individual pheromone dispensers.

•          Insecticide free and non-toxic.

•          Ready to use and disposable, therefore prevents possible contaminations from nicotine, pesticides, scented lotions, etc.

•          Printed grid for easy insect counting

•          Metal detectable to prevent entry into food production lines.

•          Data table to record weekly insect counts on each trap.


Target insects:

  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Almond Moth
  • Raisin Moth
  • Tobacco Moth
  • Mediterranean Flour Moth
  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Khapra Beetle 
  • Warehouse Beetle


Where to use:

Food processing & manufacturing plants, food storage warehouses, transportation facilities and units, grocery stores, supermarkets, pet food stores, mills, bakeries, homes, pantries, etc. 


Xlure Combo4 traps offer fast, easy, mistake-free installations and replacements.  Click here to learn more.