Product Education   |   June 30, 2018

Mole Control Tips

When treating for moles it is critical that you identify the active tunnels.

This will allow you to target your application of bait or placement of traps for the quickest and best results. Most times you will find the active mole runs in areas of transition where wooded areas or flower beds are adjacent to lawn area. The base of trees is also a good place to find the active tunnels. To identify and confirm active mole tunnels simply poke a 1 inch hole in the roof of the raised tunnel or gently depress the tunnel and mark it with a flag. Do not crush or stomp the tunnel as the mole may not reuse it. Revisit the site 24-48 hours later to see which tunnels have been repaired or pushed back up by the mole. These repaired and resealed tunnels are active and can now be trapped or baited. Focus only on these active areas!

A second important tip for success is to use enough bait or traps.

You are doomed to failure if you don’t use the correct number of traps or bait. If using traps use at least 4-6 mole traps, and if using Moleworm baits make many targeted treatments of identified active tunnels.

Another tip to help increase mole activity and greatly aid in identifying active runs is to water the lawn well prior to your treatment. Moisture gets both the moles and earthworms they feed on active and moving.

Recommended tools to eliminate your mole problem would be Victor Moleworms if you are baiting and the Victor 0631 Out Of Sight Mole Trap if trapping. Learn more about Victor products at

Follow the simple steps above and you will have much greater success in ridding your property of moles. Happy successful hunting!


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