Pest News   |   October 27, 2020

Get simple, yearlong savings with PestPartners 365

The 2021 PestPartners℠ 365 Program from Syngenta kicked off on Oct. 1, 2020, which makes it easy for businesses of any size to save all year long. To qualify, simply purchase any products from the Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) portfolio to generate at least $200 in base rebates during the qualification period (Oct. 1, 2020-April 30, 2021).

This four-product bundle can help address ant, rodent and other pest problems. Buy just one of these product configurations and you’re in the program!

You can also purchase one Demand® CS insecticide Master Shipper for your perimeter spray and general pest control needs and you’re automatically in the program!

Check out our easy groupings sheet to view other sample purchases that can help you qualify for savings in the 2021 program.


The early bird gets even more savings

Don’t forget: you can also get a one-time Early Order Bonus rebate by purchasing at least $500 in base rebates between Oct. 1-Dec. 9, 2020.

For more information about the value PestPartners 365 can provide, no matter how small or large your company, visit  

*$200 rebate value includes purchases of one Talon® Weatherblok® XT rodenticide pallet of 12-16 lb. pails, one Advion® Ant Gel Bait Master Shipper of 40 syringes, one Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Master Shipper of 40 syringes and one Demand CS case of 8-1 qt. bottles. $200 rebate value includes purchase of one Demand CS Master Shipper.

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