Pest News   |   March 23, 2020

Find a solution for large-colony ant infestations with Advion WDG

Managing large-colony ant species is a major challenge for pest management professionals (PMPs) – but it can also be a major opportunity to offer a proven solution that can satisfy your customers. That’s why Syngenta invests in continual research and development efforts to help control these persistent pests.

Advion® WDG insecticide from Syngenta is one such example. This sprayable version of the trusted Advion brand can provide targeted control of large-colony ants with a non-repellent, non-pyrethroid and non-neonicotinoid formulation. It can also control a broad range of other pests indoors and outdoors in residential, commercial and food-handling accounts – even when they’re open for operation.

In a recent field trial conducted with the University of California, Riverside, Advion WDG was used as part of an integrated pest management approach to help control Argentine ants around homes in southern California. The combination of Advion WDG, targeted gel bait placements and granular baits greatly reduced populations during peak season — when untreated areas were seeing sharp increases — and maintained a 90% reduction for eight weeks.

Don’t miss Eric Paysen’s webinar on March 27

To provide PMPs with more information about these and other sensitive pest control situations, Target will be hosting a free webinar on Friday, March 27 at 1:30 p.m. ET featuring Dr. Eric Paysen, technical services manager for Syngenta. Dr. Paysen will be discussing the following:

  • How to best serve sensitive accounts, including residential, commercial and food-handling establishments
  • The power of the Advion family of products, including sprayable Advion WDG, as well as yearlong savings on Advion products with the PestPartners℠ 365 Program
  • The MetaActive™ effect in the Advion brand family, which allows for targeted control and transfer effects on target pests

For more information about large-colony ant control and Advion WDG, contact your Target Specialty Products representative or branch.

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