Feed a Bee

Feed a Bee encourages you to plant a pollinator-attractant habitat in your garden using these helpful tips:

• Plan for a long season of bloom. Combine plants that will bloom from early spring to
fall (even in winter in milder climates). A long season of color means a consistent food
source all season.
• Include diverse fl ower colors, fragrances and shapes. Bees are especially attracted to
flowers in shades of blue, purple, white and yellow. Butterflies love red and purple blooms.
• Plant in full sun. Many pollinators prefer to visit sunny locations.
• Plant generously. Large groupings of flowers are more attractive than single plants.
• Provide food and water sources. Use feeders to attract hummingbirds or salt licks to
lure butterflies. Provide fresh water – bee colonies require a ready source of water.
• Planting and care. Choose plants that are well-adapted to the sun and soil conditions in
your garden. Water as needed (even native plants will need water until established).

Visit BeeHealth.Bayer.us/gardeners to see more planting tips and how-to videos.

More ways you can help.

Visit feedabee.com to order your own seed packet (while supplies last) and tweet a bee
to feed a bee! For every tweet of the emoji and #FeedABee until October 1, Bayer
will plant wildflowers on your “bee-half.”

Bayer Bee Care Team