Product Education   |   July 14, 2021

Control Soutions Inc, Innovations You Can Apply

We've been hearing more and more about insecticide resistance and how to manage it, but what does that actually mean?

Insecticide resistance poses several problems for PMPs.

  • Efficacy of products is reduced
  • Customer satisfaction is reduced
  • Callbacks are increased
  • Cancellations increase

Spotting resistance is important, but managing it proactively from the get go is your best approach. Understanding a bit about chemistry will help, but by no means do you need a degree in chemistry to rotate your product and active ingredient choices effectively. I'm sure you've been told to rotate your active ingredients are products, but has anyone ever really explain how?

It's actually very simple… take a look at your labels. On the front of most labels you may see “Group” numbers. These numbers help you to know to which mode of action (MOA) Group the product you are using belongs. This information helps you to rotate effectively. How you ask? The MOA tells you how that products active ingredient works inside the target pest’s body. By rotating based on Group numbers you are rotating on MOA rather than brand name or bottle type.

For the past several years, the product development team at CSI has focused on developing products with more than one mode of action (MOA). This thought process has led us to a Combination Chemistry® platform of product development. The goal at CSI is to develop effective and innovative solutions driven by market and customer need that also help PMPs in the fight against resistance. Two recent innovations from CSI include FUSE® termiticide/insecticide as well as TEKKO Pro dual insect growth regulator; both products are unique to CSI and born from our combination chemistry development platform.

Fuse® contains two powerful, non-repellent, active ingredients, imidacloprid and fipronil. These two active ingredients work together to create a formidable weapon for PMPs to use in the fight against pests. Fuse® has a unique label, allowing applicators to choose their rate as well as their spray swath, allowing for maximum versatility in perimeter pest applications and it is labeled for both termite and general pest management. Fuse® has been shown to be effective in ant control programs as well as against occasional invaders such as spiders, boxelder bugs, silverfish and of course, termites.

Tekko Pro® is fast becoming the insect growth regulator (IGR) of choice for difficult pest management accounts. Both pyriproxyfen and novaluron are highly effective IGR's on their own, but formulating them together is a 1 - 2 multi-MOA punch delivering unprecedented results from your cockroach control protocol. Not only does Tekko Pro affect insect development, it also prevents the development of adults of most cockroach species. No adults means fewer callbacks.

At Control Solutions Inc. our driving mission is to develop synergistic, sustainable pest management formulations that improve the results — and the income potential — for PMPs who use them.

[Author: Dr. Janis Reed – Technical Services Manager – Product Development Team – Control Solutions Inc]